Everything lovely and more.

A few years later I found my way back. Madly in love with a boy, starting our lives together in a small house with our two lovely dogs.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So i havent posted here in forever but i have had this for almost 3 years now and it helped me through a lot. so i suppose i will update in hopes to not lose it

peace in the middle east

Monday, June 21, 2004

Somewhere out there

So i have decided to return to my lonely blog. I had not been able to figure out the username or password as i had them saved to my old computer. But here i am.

Summer is wonderful. The heat is a little much, so if someone could turn down the sun a little it would be greatly apreciated. Thanks. Our never-ending pool has finally heated to a temperature worth swimming in. Granted i am used to swimming at anytime of the year, but i prefer being able to breathe when i swim. and not getting hypothermia. I am enjoying the no school thing and very much looking forward to next year as i basically have two classes. The other two are worthless classes because i need to be taking 4 classes. So i go late both days and enjoy free time with little homework. SOunds like the perfect way to spend senior year

I have my job picked out for the future and all i need to do is take the sats and the acts and get into college. :)

This weekend i get to go to a hotel and spend two hundred dollars on food, with a friend of mine. its cool for each night you get a 100 dollars in food. Yum and the hotel has the largest whirl pool in the US. Some hott boys should be joining us to spend the day saturday so all will be fun.

I have to be up at 730 tomorrow to wait for the cable guy. Why cant the come after 10. Because happy awake casey doesnt appear until then.

Well i guess that is all for now.

Peace kids

"Mr. Smitty police man sitting, pretty little police men in a row"

Sunday, February 22, 2004

I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference

So this week has been interesting. I went to school 1 day out of the four days we had. I have been very sick and let me tell you it sucks a big one. Tonight was the first time i have been outside the house in 4 days. I have not been sick in the longest time, and when i get sick its kind of scary. Only because we never know whether im just sick or if something is wrong with my heart.

I can honestly say i am happy with the way things are going right now. sure there are parts that could be better, but all in all its going good. After tonight and laughing and hanging out with some amazing kids, i realized that these are the people i need in my life. This is where i am happy. Besides theatre, These are my true friends. But ofcourse you cannot forget all the wonderful kids in theatre who mean so much

I like to laugh, the kind of laughing where your stomach hurts so bad afterwards and you can not breathe because of it.

I like being able to say the first thing that pops into my head and having people actually listen to me.

I like throwing eggs at walls and street signs, and lighting random shit on fire.

I like singing to whatever is on the radio, and if i do not know the words then i will make some up.

I like not knowing whats happening in the future and being okay with it.

I live for the moment.

I do stupid random things, and sometimes do not know what i am talking about.

I like my friends

I like the format

In the summer i live in the pool.

I have seen a shooting star and made a wish on it.

I can out eat a lot of my guy friends.

And this is why my life is so wonderful. All of the little things, that most people pass by.

This post was random but my train of thought has been very random lately.

I need a reason to let go an intervention, a lulluby something to cure me please believe me

cause whats left to lose, ive done enough and if i fail well then i fail but i gave it a shot

Friday, February 20, 2004

The Stars will Cry The Blackest Tears Tonight

Wow i have not updated this thing in the longest time. Well i figure i will start writing in this again. Sure i have other things to write in but why not cover everything. And this really was my first.

So i will really update it agan soon